Former Oklahoma State Signee Jeremiah Johnson Commits to Gottlieb, Green Bay

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Green Bay opens its season in GIA.

Doug is doing his best to say look at me mom no hands.

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Well he’s got size on us right now if he comes in and wins more than just mom
Will be looking .


This will be an interesting game Wonder who else Doug has added ?

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This poaching suggests that Doug is seeking revenge on a school that continues to reject his bids to be the coach. That’s also why he scheduled to play first game vs. OSU.
Call it bruised ego or childish, it shows Doug is not ready for big boy pants. Just look at his hairstyle.

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No revenge at all. It’s called he knows these guys because he was a consultant for the program. Doug knows he didn’t get the job because they will not hire anyone without college coaching experience. Plain and simple. If he wanted the job so badly he should have taken a job like Green Bay 4 years ago.


As for the scheduling, OK State is doing Doug a favor and helping out his program with a decent payday.


Not a good look to be poaching our players.

Revenge, childish ?? lol
Doug just wants to play Doesn’t matter if it’s us or who else It’s a bigger payday for him , more exposure for the program. Doug has nothing to lose in this game