Former Oklahoma State Target, Texas Receiver Brenen Thompson to Enter the Transfer Portal

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OSU was in Thompson’s Top 3.

Go get him if he has speed !! Before ATM throws a bunch of cash at him
I’m wondering why you would play a kid 9 games and only one catch and burn his redshirt….:cowboy_hat_face:

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Our receivers left b/c of Dunne and his offense. He is still here and we still have the same plan. So I doubt he is interested.


Imo let him go,WR is stacked,& out of scholarships

The inconsistencies at the QB position last season didn’t help along with Dunn still as the OC. So it’s probably multiple reasons of why some of them left. I would eventually like a run game to help compliment Bowman and put less pressure on the receivers. Maybe we can average better than 3.6 yards per rush this upcoming season. We should really be trying to stack our offensive line more than anything if we’re going to keep running the same basic offense.

Dunn has three Blit winners , who else has more? He’s also responsible for all the elite receivers we get He evidently knows receivers, I’m not say OC ,don’t get confused

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Joy seems you’ve said the same on every OC since Gundy has been here. You didn’t like Yourcish , but think he’s grand now because he’s making millions ?! ?!

If I interpret recent things that I have heard correctly I suspect we had a bit of a flash fire of self entitlement with in the receiver core et. al. that had a lot to do with what took place. Not saying that Dunn doesn’t need to improve but am saying that Dunn isn’t all there is to what happened.

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No one biotched about him as WR coach did they.? OC is a different gig , he needs improvement there

When and where did I ever say I didn’t like Yurcich? At least his offense could run the ball most of the years we he was here. Maybe you should let Dickey and Dunn know that getting tackled moving the ball forward is actually better than getting tackled moving backwards.