Former OSU QB Brendan Costello Transferring to USC

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Costello did not play a snap in Stillwater but was once regarded as a prized recruit.

Costello was never going to step on the turf. Wise to transfer and I guess he just wants to be in sunny California again and get a good education at a top academic school. He surely will also not step onto the turf while at USC. If guys like Costello wanted a chance to be starters they would be better off transferring to smaller schools that would love to have them. Texas State, Texas Southern, etc.

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Never understood how this kid was below Bullock, who’s not very good.

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You can’t tell me Ethan Bullock is better than this kid. Watch him go to USC and become an NFL caliber QB.

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He was a 3 star recruit so he’s trash anyway

I guess your right. If you can’t beat out Bullock it’s probably best to hit the transfer portal.

3 stars are trash, huh? So how’s a 3-star like Zaven Collins a first-rounder in the NFL draft, EinSTEEN? :roll_eyes: Some of you jokers I just don’t know about. There have been plenty 3 stars who were much better than 4s and 5s. Go look up Levi Draper who was a 4 and tell me how good he is, LOL.

Or the coaches see something in Bullard none of us do cause he’s not very good.

Dude it was literal sarcasm pointed towards joe chill

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I could careless how many stars they have if they can play they can play

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