Former OSU Receiver C.J. Moore Signs with Washington State

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Daddy Dimes finds a landing spot.

I hope he sets all records and makes it to the next level.


I wonder why he wasn’t used more? He sure looked to be underweight. Not every star remains bright when they go to the next level. I hope he gets some playing time for the Cougars so we could see his potential.

I saw unconfirmed online rumors of academic eligibility issues while at OSU, which might explain his going to a community college after OSU before going back to another Power 5 school. Whatever his prior situation, I hope CJ makes the most of his newest opportunity and succeeds to the fullest.


hope I never see him in my office

I remember in the early 2000’s K State had a WR that was 6’5 180 pounds, but he still killed it on the field. We should’ve done everything possible to keep C. J. Moore.


I have confirmed sources academics was his issue in Stillwater. His work ethic is not great. One thing you have to do to play for Dunn is block. He was very willing in that area either.

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I’m ready to move on from Dunn. He’s like block for me blah blah blah. We have too many guys in Stillwater who act like a kid has to be perfect or “gritty” or “blue collar” etc. Guess what I like blue collar guys sure that are studs as well. That’s great but you don’t win with only blue collar types who work hard. You win with talent. The quicker we learn that the better.

Not saying CJ Moore is coaches fault cuz academic issues with him. But they have to stop with this blue collar crap constantly. It’s good for most guys but sometimes let a guy be and if he doesn’t block well throw him a pass. Work on his blocking but don’t sit him completely down and say he can’t play.

The kid, CJ Moore had 2 TDs first 2 games and doesn’t play rest of the year. You think Lincoln Riley would have done that? haha hell no. why cuz he’s not an idiot.


I hope CJ goes off. My prediction that he was gonna be the next stud WR at Ok State can still hold true, just for Wazzu. Sure the kid was underweight but he has a lot of talent, which we failed to provide the opportunity because of the South Alabama transfer. No reason this kid, if he works hard, can’t make it to the next level.

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