Former OSU Standout Calvin Bundage Finds New Opportunity in Indoor Football League

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Coocoo Cal is still cruising.

Another Cowboy that left too early chasing the money

He kept getting injured tho right ? Gotta make some money while you still got knees

Bundage only stayed like 6 years. Lol.

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On a related note, Bundage also leads the indoor league in neutral zone violations


He did that for us too lol

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Old habits die hard and sometimes not at All


He did and definitely earned the right to leave (and still be considered a Cowboy for life…unlike others), but he should have taken his covid year: $7,500 with the Steelers and $32,990 for Indoor Football League. Less than $50,000 over 3 years playing football. Another year and he may have stuck in the league a longer.

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That is pretty cool I didn’t even know they had indoor leagues still.

I also tend to agree with the above poster that he (hindsight being what it is) probably should have taken the Covid year. To play on a team that went 12-2 might have helped his opportunities as he’d have been showcased more in big time spotlight games and who knows? its all speculation but the argument can at least be made.

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