Former OSU Wrestlers Make up Majority of African American Division I Coaches

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The numbers are alarmingly low, but former Cowboys make up most of the head coaching positions.

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You might take a look across all sports to compare the number of African Americans who are players versus the number who are head coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators. Check out professional sports as well. Interestingly, most coaches at any university are white as are the athletic directors, cheerleaders, referees and fans.

A telling sign is the language used to describe people. Only white people are americans. (I didn’t capitalize Amerians in the previous sentence on pupose). We really should call them European Americans to put all on the same level. But as you can see at this point no one does that.

Glen Lanham was around oSu when Clar Anderson, former HC at Duke, was in Stilly. Both of those guys are New Yorkers. Lanham, like Anderson is a super nice, classy person and I wish him the best.

It’s a tough gig, trying to convince good wrestlers to go to a very expensive uni with very little in the way of financial aid, if I remember correctly they don’t give anything to wrestlers, and very demanding academic standards. I think Clar had ONE All-American the whole time he was in Durham.