Fort Smith Area OL Kobe Branham Includes OSU Among Final Five Schools

Originally published at: Fort Smith Area OL Kobe Branham Includes OSU Among Final Five Schools | Pistols Firing

OSU is in the final grouping for a big man out of Arkansas.

Would be a much needed get.


That’d be great

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Would like to get this guy but there seems to be some animosity with our current offensive line and some hitting the transfer portal. We’ve also lost the recruiting tactic of being able to convince lineman we can get them drafted in the future. Packaged along with our crappy NIL packages. That doesn’t bode well when trying to sign some decent lineman coming out of high school. We really need to buckle down and sign some really good OL talent from the G5 level during the transfer portal.

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Why do we get articles on some random high schooler who includes us in his top five, but nothing on the injury status of the best OSU baseball player in years? We are averaging 15,000 fans per weekend at baseball games and PFB gives it the same coverage that it gives track and field.

These tidbits of football recruiting info are not newsworthy. Odds are, we will not land this guy. Even if we do, what are the odds he actually makes it to campus and survives transfer portal attrition?

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Bill if you actually knew something it would amaze me.

Because of covid and this one class we lost have lost 5 guys who know backups dnt get to the nfl.

Im just wondering how your brain works. Seriously you said we dnt develop line. We will have 5 starters out side of stillwater next years. If your a nice line man you can get a new school.

It’s not that we don’t seem to develop, but we can’t seem to retain any of our lineman. We keep signing these high school kids and watching them leave 1-2 years later. We just had a projected starter leave for the portal. Don’t know how your brain doesn’t process that and ask why. Which is why I suggested going after G5 lineman every offseason (like we did with two this past transfer portal). We’ve only averaged 5 yards per rush once since Wickline left and that was Dickey’s first season with Josh Henson’s recruits.

Eventually at some point in time Dickey’s going to have to do his job. We’re not going to have a mobile QB next season to mask OL problems. I know the college football landscape is rough and you can’t hold onto to all of them but he’s getting paid very well for a job, that quite frankly, he’s failed at besides his first year here. If we developed our line we would have at least one of Dickey’s recruits getting drafted (in any round). That’s not happened and I’m not expecting it to do so anytime soon. I’m tired of hearing excuses for everything. It’s time to see some positive results for once.

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What you call excuses is reality. Ive talked about injuries that is not excuses. Guys that know they can start somewhere else then leave aren’t excuses
Problem with you you dnt know what excuses are.

You have changed your story on development since i point out we have starters all over the place. We do have issues with our line. Its not do to dickey

It’s do to him not doing his job. A top 25 program shouldn’t have these issues, but we do. Just asking you to use your brain for once.

First off we have had 3 guys retire since he was here.
2 kicked off. 2 go mental. 5 guys tranfer. I predict 5 of them will start. Only 1 would for sure strat here.

You dnt understand the transfer want to start. You cant go pro if you dnt play.

I always love it would you think these things only happen here. That is not reality. Why can a kid go to tech and start. Tech had major issue. I have always point out where things happen. You think that im making excuses. By your you make excuses for other schools.deflecting

Losing the starting LT…isnt good.

To be fair, word around the campfire was that Caleb was going to lose his starting position to Dalton Cooper. Still it is a hit to the O-line depth.

That would make a lot of sense as to why youd hit the portal right now. Really, really dumb time to portal for a guy in his position. It definitely hurts depth at a position where youd need it.

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Is there a reason he can’t play RT instead? I don’t really understand the intricacies of playing on the right or left side of the line.

A JUCO transfer committed over the weekend so hopefully that’ll soften the blow to our depth.