Four Different OSU Players Projected in the 2021 NFL Draft

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A way too early look at where Chuba, Tylan and other Cowboys might be selected.

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I don’t see Chuba getting much love. I still think LD is the better back. Chuba is showing he is injury prone but then again anyone with the ball is. Sure Hope Tylan is okay.

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Nothing etched in stone that says Chuba leaves after this year. He and his family should probably give some thought to this – could he re-position himself (and make more $$$) by returning? Still, I say it’s 95% he goes…

PFB: do me a solid and research this one: What happened to Jayden Jernigan? He was a solid contributor as a true frosh last year and I’ve not heard his name once since August, yet he still shows on the roster.

I think Chuba will go surprisingly high. While his on-field performance leaves a lot to be desired, teams will benefit by having a guy in the locker room to make sure the coaches and front office staff are watching the correct news outlets. NFL teams are well aware how difficult it is to win championships without a tailback who can effectively lead a no-justice-no-peace chant and call for the resignation of local leaders. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that on their team?


Chuba has done nothing to help his draft stock, and quite a bit to hurt it.

Not even discussing his on the field performance woes (some of that is the line’s fault) but his actions alone are costing him money. I’m not even referring to the T-shirt stuff, he probably went about that the wrong way but he was doing it for the right reasons. I’m talking about his on the field demeanor. He has tried to fight someone in almost every game we’ve played, bedlam being the worst. He seemed so level headed and quiet his first two years here, and now all of the sudden it’s like he can’t handle his emotions at all. I don’t know if that’s the accolade noise getting to his head or what, but his reputation keeps depleting with his on the field actions. Not to mention the guy can’t stop getting hurt anytime he gets hit. Last year his size was an issue but him being so fast through holes kind of over-shadowed that, but now that scouts are seeing his relatively poor ability to gain yards without giant holes to run through his stock is depleting. He’s not going to have the 7-8 yard giant openings to run through in the NFL like he did last year.

If he stays healthy, Wallace is going to be a great asset for whoever gets him.

Same for a bunch of quality defensive players.

What, no Spencer Sanders in the draft? But he’s so good, according to his mother. A shocking omission.

Chuba has successfully Kaepernicked himself out of millions of dollars.

If I was an NFL GM, I think the Poke atop my list of potential picks would be Amen Ogbongbemiga.

Top 5 comment ever

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I wish KC would get Tylan, would love to see him catching deep bombs from mahomes.

Hubbard did not help himself over the summer. Made it worse this fall. After his calling out the coach deal I ask many times on this site how this would effect his draft. Plus a bad year. I’m not sure with new ownership the Canadian flag will come down. One I know no one wants a guy judging them and cant run.

Chuba having a decimated, ineffective O line has hurt his draft status. Getting injured also doesn’t help. But I worry more about Tylan’s status if he reinjured the same knee. Multiple knee injuries ended his twin’s college career before it got started.