Four Miami Players to Know Ahead of the Cheez-It Bowl

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A star QB and a former OSU safety recruit top the list.

Can’t wait to hear the comments
Just think I have to listen till next fall

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Sorry guys Gundy not going to Auburn. I guess we will have to soldier on.:upside_down_face::star_struck::money_mouth_face::crazy_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Never thought they’d want him.

So so so so sorry ar1 they make medications to help

Y’all amaze me, how willing you are to settle for just good enough. Y’all’s wives must be ape ugly as much as you like to settle. It’s probably too late to have any pride in yourself but try to have some pride in the University. Push to be better! Stride for excellence! Wash your butt and comb your hair.
The Bible says "ask and you will receive " that’s all we’re doing is asking for better.

Uve gone to the well to many times. AsK AnD YoU WIlL ReceivE. U never got god to give us moses.

Don’t have to go to the well. One drink from the living water and you never thirst again.

I see ur a religious nutter. U said uve ask where is ur moses

Gods time is not our time. It will come to pass.

There’s Gunner Gundy👋

I love it now I know why u guys have problems. Religious nutters. Biggest hypocrisy system in the world. I’ll turn the other cheek💩

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Gunner cant be any worse then Sanders.