Four OSU Recruiting Targets to Watch as Signing Day Nears

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We’re just over one month until the early signing period.

Man I can’t wait for another mediocre recruiting class. I can see Liberty Bowl Champions written all over the wall again!!!

I’m sorry but recruiting doesn’t interest osu fans anymore. This is off subject but after listening to gundy’s quote after Robert ask him about why he held all our weapons out during the k-state game is just egregious! Tylan could have helped as he was used in one of the most dangerous rolls to do on a football field outside of returning kicks is to recover an onside kick! And brown that was supposed to be held out but looked good enough to play because he did! Is gundy trying to loose this season? This is a real question. He sounds like my mother telling me I have to wear my knee pads, elbow pads and helmet in order to ride my bike around the cul-de-sac! Please we need a real man to be a head coach at osu and not a sissy over cautious grandma! These kids signed up to get hurt! We will never be as good as we can with this guy plane and simple.

When gundy does something that I can say I’m proud of him for trying or makes a big league call to win a football game then I will say something positive but he has failed to do so. Gundy’s too soft to be a winner!

Murrell doesn’t really float my boat. But the other 3 would be great to add. Glad to the newbie downers out in full force.

OL seems like it needs to be a focus. Not just those 2 go after a few more JUCO kids if they can. Should use the bye week wisely

I agree. I’d rather have Mcaskill than him or that Tiyon Evans kid that took the virtual tour. Those tackles though would be a huge help.

Ahhh… we have no offensive line and haven’t had one over ten years!! Dosent matter who you have as a running back. Can anybody give me another team in this conference or any other that has had and I mean atrocious line play like we have had to experience? Someone needs to address this problem to gundy and make him answer why a 5 million dollar coach can’t seem to put an offensive line together.

No line since 2011. This is not a joke…it’s mind blowing really.

Thats funny he address that when he hired dickey. I guess u have been sleeping Jenkins is a NFL draft. Any way aren’t are backs so good we don’t need a line. We had a good line till one retired and 2 got ignorant.

One thing I’m sure of Gundy does stay up think ur not saying nice things​:rofl::wink::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking::cowboy_hat_face:

Not sure what good means to you but it’s been since Russell okung was here. And having one good offensive lineman doesn’t cut it.

I want I want. A ol that never gives up a sack or flat. A qb throws for 6000 yds runs 2000. Rbs that each run for 3000. A defense that never gets scored on. That’s what I’m entitled to.:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Don’t need kickers

Joe Wickline coached two all-American offensive lineman that were drafted, and he had a history of being perhaps the most successful offensive line coach in America. He could take 2 star recruits and put them in the NFL (not get them looked at for a possible signing, but get them
actually drafted!!!).

OSU hasn’t had an offensive lineman drafted since Wickline was the OL coach. They’ve also been through four OL coaches since 2013. Wickline was here for a long time. Then Gundy in good ole Gundy fashion that he could do this job by himself if needed (Because special teams has looked so awesome the last 5 years) that he essentially ran Wickline off. Yet, Wickline is the last OL coach we had that could actually get lineman to block and get drafted.

What does that have to do with Dickey u real do go off page

This joe guy u speak of that Gundy ran off. Got lucky to be hired by texas for oc the same yr. Really odd. Oh wait maybe Gundy didnt run him off but he left see his chance at better. He is at west Virginia so the great line coach mite not be so great. Get a gripe joe

Well, our line still sucks so dicky is still up in the air

R line is playing great since were getting into r 3rd string. Not sure what Jeff want. I’m sure if the ol gave up no sacks Jeff will still say they were average. Here is one why to look at our line has give up less sacks then the defence have sacked. We could look up the con stats I’m sure there in the middle. So with injuries were great.