Four-Star Forward Eric Dailey to Choose among OSU, Memphis and Pro Ball

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Dailey is the second-highest rated uncommitted prospect.

I like how Marshal felt the need to specify Bronny is LeBron’s son lol. Crystal ball went in for us today on 247. If we move on from Boynton as HC Weidberg needs to find a way to get this guy some serious money just to recruit and represent the university since he kills at that.

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Yea he can recruit. I think you keep bouton and make him clean house on assistants then give him one year then decide. Basketball dosent bring much revenue plus not sure how many people watch it anymore. College basketball is hard to watch nowadays.

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Clean House??? He just brought 3 of these guys in! And the other 2 are Loyal and True.

Obviously I want him to come here. Our class will be even higher, maybe sneak into the top 10 in rankings, but I just don’t see why a kid would. I don’t know, maybe im just setting myself up like that so I won’t be disappointed if he picks Memphis or pro ball lol :man_shrugging: