Four-star In-State Standout Trey Alexander Reopens Recruitment

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The OKC-area star had signed with Auburn.


There r plenty of oklahoma kids out there. Boynton going to get any of them this time around.

With the guards returning for the Cowboys, I think Alexander, Thompson and Robinson will not join Boynton’s Cowboys. I think Robinson will join the Sooners.

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OU only has one scholarship left to give. Both OU and OSU need guard help. Harris and Williams both are injured prone and are unproven. Likekele has yet to show anything other than being able to make a layup. Williams was up and down last year. Anderson is going to be a star and Walker had a solid freshman year and should be even better as a soph., we could use an upgrade at the guard spot. We could run a 4 guard lineup quite a bit next year If we add some of these guys. Robinson is like 6’6.

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When people wonder why we are currently struggling on the recruiting trail, Trey Alexander was just interviewed and was asked:
Are there any schools who have already reached out to you?
“There have been a couple. Arizona, Western Kentucky, OU, Oregon, Iowa State so far.”

Disappointing to see us not go after him hard. Moser was sure quick to reach out to him.

Jaxson Robinson was asked as well:
Texas A&M transfer Jaxson Robinson tells he’s heard from the following schools: Ohio State, Penn State, Colorado, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, UNLV, Butler, Oregon, Arkansas, New Mexico, Cincinnati, Nevada, Creighton, New Mexico State, SMU

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