Four-star OL Jaeden Roberts Decommits from Auburn

Don’t you think our DL will be solid ? Linebacker will be a problem. Haven’t heard if Peel will be back. I think we have most of our safeties and corners back. The offense has to be better. We are loaded with receivers, but no game time. I’ve been in Spencer’s corner all year but he has to improve

Haven’t heard about Ford. Should get the Arkansas tranfer back we got alot of front guys. So I do think it be good. O line will be better( as long we dnt lose 5 guys).
Were got johnson Presley Anderson and who ever come back
At least 2 good back(brown?)
We have safeties
There are some young cb r stepping up.
We have some jr with nice numbers on the d side. But nfl I hope they think that thru.

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Offense line we got dickey.
5 guys coming back that have starts(g and t)
2 centers with playing time (1 grad transfer)
A monster juco
3 more with playing time
Any more who have developed
Did I mention Roy and siles may come back.
So yea I think itll be good enough to play shane as qb

I saw Stiles was still thinking about leaving. Hope he doesn’t. He needs another year. Lots of beef on the OL if they can move. The Ark transfer who tore his knee , hope him and Ford both recover well. I don’t really know who we have at LB to cover. I think we recruited a couple of good ones. I maybe wrong but I don’t think we miss Jelani that much. I saw too many whiffed blocks and his hands weren’t that great

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