Four-star OSU OL Target Jacob Sexton Sets Commitment Date

I think Sexton is a longshot at this point, but we have done well lately landing the Oklahoma kids and we made the top 5 so at least there is the possibility. I know it doesn’t really matter until they end up on campus but it appears that we at least getting the attention of some higher rated O-line recruits. Landing either Banks or Sexton would be a big win for recruiting.

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No it’s the money.

If you were a true oSu fan you would know to never bet on oSu, and surely don’t bet against them.

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When it’s football Bedlam there isn’t a more sure thing out there.

I think getting Dickey helped getting people to look hard at coming to oSu.

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Dickey was really impressive last year.

U guys can call me crazy but I think we have a better chance to get banks the sexton​:crazy_face::innocent::blush::dizzy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

You might be and might be right.

Which one has to be made into a offensive lineman by glass and two years on the bench, cause that’s the one we’ll get.

Ur always going on and on about kids sitting. Am I at a loss, do other school only start freshman.
We start and play freshman I would think just as much as others we had at least 5 or 6 played last that low. I mean compared to 2016 had a ton of freshman start on defense. Or ku has alot because they suck.
I still don’t think I will go with ur player evaluation.