Four-Star Receiver Brenen Thompson Commits to Texas, OSU's Next Steps

The other side was being played by a walkon. I know Joey was made about that.

If you look like you might be slightly productive to the offense you don’t get the ball thrown to you unless your name is Tay Martin. We are a run at all costs offense now.

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It’s a shame Gundy might have learned nothing from the bowl game against Miami when OSU opened it up because they were not playing from a mindset of fear. They had the idea to have fun and let it rip, see what the offense could do when nothing mattered about the outcome of that game.
I still think the play calling sucks. And get a talented QB from the transfer portal after the season ends.

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No. That’s not what I’m implying. Depth means you should probably have more than 21 total receptions in two games against G5 teams with a combined record of 3-7.

Tay Martin alone can get that many within a couple of games if needed. Depth is knowing when you can rely on more than just one receiver the entire time without having to worry if your offense is going to chit the bed.

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I think it’s more important that the offense has been keeping the ball for 10 more minutes. So as to not expose the defense to much.

Doesn’t matter what he grades out as if he goes to OSU and his offensive coaching staff doesn’t teach him how to play at the college level for however long he’ll be here.

Go look at the reception totals he is not get a majority.

He hasn’t gotten a majority because he’s missed two games.

Jaden brays been targeted Brennan’s been targeted Rashod Owens been targeted. We do legitimately have a QB problem and we all know it. We’ll be just fine at receiver if Spencer plays like he should.

All I ever hear from him is the importance of running the football. Okay, I suppose that’s fine. How about the importance of moving the ball through the air against defenses with suspect secondaries, or when the running game comes to a stall?

Each game moron

Go look at what riley is talking about. Ou can’t run the ball so their having troubles to.
U dnt understand about football.
U think that these coaches come up with a 100 new plays every week.

Yep. Since he can’t run the football he went to more short and intermediate passing against K State to try and open up the run.

Sanders had over 300 yards in passing against ksu.
Try a new argument

Why should he have to do that with all that 4 and 5 star talent running around?

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Wow!!! One good game so far. He’s on fire!!! Someone bring the fire truck already!!!

Ur the one who brought up ksu. Not my fault ur an idiot and chose poorly.

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What does K State’s game have to do with the other four our offensive has struggled in because of lack of depth?

U chose ksu to talk about. So ask urself why u were talking about them not me. Idiot

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K State is one game out of five. The offense is still in trouble. Not sure what point your trying to make, or if you even have one. Let’s talk about K State then. Why did we get outcoached and outscored in the second half then?