Four-Star Receiver Brenen Thompson Commits to Texas, OSU's Next Steps

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Gundy gave a recruiting update Tuesday.

This is OK. Its always nice to get high ranked players. But the last 2 years we have got a bunch of recievers. If we had the room I would be more upset. Looks like we only have 5 scholarships left.
Weber be a good kid to get. Desean still holding out for a ou offer. There is another nice d line guy.
We need more defense guys. With only 5 spots left it’s tuff.

I’m not really surprised, we’re very young at WR and already have Shettron. If he’s looking to get on the field quick probably be easier someone else.

Well yea. We have two big classes now.
We need more players outside of recievers.
It’s all good.

U take that guy and make a spot no matter what. His speed and athleticism, called a game changer kid. Would have been nice to get him for sure. Should have had boynton talk to him.

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Oh no definitely I’m not saying you don’t take him, he’s too talented if he’ll come you sign him in heart beat, but looking at our WR room and then the fact that he’s from Texas it doesn’t really surprise me.

No surprise here either. I think we have a stud in the older Pressley! Let’s figure out a way to get him some touches.

Boynton hasn’t signed a high school kid in almost two years.


And again Gundy comes up short. Well maybe we have enough to hold on to 4th for a couple more years. My guess is after OU and Texas leave we will still be 4th.

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Based on the “depth” I’ve seen from the offense so far it’s too bad we missed out on a kid like him. We seen what our offense looks like when Tay Martin doesn’t play.

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Here is another part of college football u don’t understand. Ur the one who is always saying this or that about what gundy says. Actually pay attention to the important stuff.
By what he is saying we have five scholarships left.
To maintain 25 scholarships u need 4 guys each year to leave, to keep to the 85 total. So u wrong that we r losing alot of guys to the portal.
We already have 7 committed rb and recievers so to get more would limit us in other areas. Like the defense and oline.

Another thing u have not looked at. Going to Texas he would be the best recruit. And with the depth in the last two classes it would be harder to get playing time.

He would more and likely be a slot. With 3 other guys

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Believe it or not we’ve recruited just fine the past few years on the OL. The problem with recruiting in the OL is what kind of caliber player your recruiting, and what schemes are they best at operating in. The defense doesn’t seem to be having much of a depth problem based on the way they’ve been playing the first half of the season.

The depth problem is pretty bad on the offensive side of the ball. When your barely getting by two G5 teams with a combined record of 3-7, and only scoring 42 total points against both those teams when your best WR goes down it tells me you have problems offensively.

When your defense is holding people to less than 20 points a game and shutting other teams out in a half of football that’s a good indicator you have what you need on the defensive side of the ball the last couple of years. So nobody knows what the hell your talking about there.

Just some things on college football that you might not understand.

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I found it interesting that in the recent Orange Power podcast with Jessica Morray, she did not bother to ask Pressley why they have not been throwing to him lately. She was instead interested in finding out what his favorite candy is. If you are going to interview an athlete I would think that you would ask yourself what do the fans want to know most about this person and then base your questions on that. It’s like during a recent commercial on, “Ask the Coach”, this person asked Gundy what are his favorite toppings on pizza?. Who really cares about what Gundy eats? I would have asked the coach why Pressley is not getting targets.


U have no understanding of depth. Just stop taking about it. The offense is starting to roll. The biggest reason being the offense line has now have the best players out there. We have the 7th reciever catching a ball in an important spot tells u we have depth.
We have 1 oline commit compared to 3 recievers even tho oline have 5 spots to 4 spots.
Ur tge one who still needs football for dummies book and a math book.

Have u every heard her ask a question like that.
She is a feel good story line girl.
I know presley is still have issues. Drop balls, routes not rite, and slipping on his routes.

So do you think depth means you can just stick anyone on the depth chart in the game and they’re automatically gonna be as productive as the starter?

It’s a Joey sound bite. He thinks he has something so he will ride it until he is out of gas.

And on another note I can’t believe a composite 3 star true freshman graded out as the best freshman in the country last week! Man that must hurt y’all’s feelings!

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