Four-star WR Quay Davis Names OSU in Final Three

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OSU has four signees at WR in the 2021 class.

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If the kid is as good as his rating who cares how many wideouts we’ve signed go get him.

Well it’s OSU so they’ll do something dumb

We only have so many bites no matter how big ur spoon ur stomach is. If u can talk him in to walking on go to it. Any way he has decommits 2x not a good sign. But go ahead a spout some crazy bs about Gundy and the world is flat. How osu evolved slower because Gundy has a worm hole device. Ur Gundy is a black sabbath fan. Hi Hitler. Grow some balls and go golfing no matter what ur mom says​:upside_down_face::joy::star_struck::money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:


The pants in that pic would make an incredibly awful uniform, just saying. Hope he comes to play for us, but whoever did that edit could have done better.

We are not even recruiting him anymore.

2 reasons dnt have room and he has decommits twice really ur still going there.

Do like Alabama and the rest of the teams that are always in the playoff and drop a three star and add a four star. It’s simple, you recruit to win at the highest level or why play the games🤷‍♂️

He’s not osu culture I forgot.

This culture is not winning anything so I say get a different culture in there mr. dumby gundy. I’m glad your graduating a lot of kids but this might blow your mind so sit down for this one…you ready for this gundy? Ok…this is FOOTBALL!!!

Bucky Richardson’s kid is considered a speedster? :open_mouth: Saw some video of him, and he looks nice…

Cause we often have too many for them to get enough passes thrown their way. We need dominant O- and D-linemen.

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We’ve let more 4* receivers transfer the last two years than 4* that actually get to play.

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We got a 4 star on this 2021 class that choose us over tcu because they dropped a player to make room. And we got the kid they dropped. Like I also said he has recommitted twice within what 3 months. Go get him u losers

If I have a bigger spoon I can take bigger bites so not sure what your talking about gunner Gundy.

Well on this article nothing about gunner. It’s all about davis not being a big lose.
The spoon means we have 25 scholarship. We have a 4 star and his brother to me looks better.
We not going to drop one kid for a guy who has decommited twice

Is he a 22 commit and didn’t his dad play for A@M ?

I’ve asked this question before but what’s the deal with Langston Anderson ? Wasn’t he supposed to take over for Tylan ? Ever since Blackmon we have had someone step up

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All we need is one receiver in this offense so I’m sure we can find that senior guy. I have faith gundy can do that.

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He proves he can year in and year out. The guy is underpaid.