Four Things John Smith May Be Evaluating after This Wrestling Season

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On the portal, RTC and promotion.

Injuries are not a new problem for us.

I think teaching our guys to escape is a big deal how many guys got rode the whole period. If you say more then zero it’s to many.

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Two good points Robert. We also could not finish takedowns consistently. Other teams just went over the top like we had never seen it before.


Our best chance using the portal is to pluck guys from PSU who realize they might never step on the mat because the current stater is better than they are. Do you want to be a backup for all 4 seasons, or would you like to be a starter at another powerhouse program? They have to choose between remaining just a workout partner sharing in the glory of NCAA team championships, versus having the glory of being a starter at OSU.
Obviously, the injury to A.J. hurt us the most. But I think the second most costly injury was to Montolvo. He is the most aggressive wrestler we have. I saw so much potential in him before his injury. John Smith said Montolvo would have been in the lineup this season if he had surgery last year instead of waiting. I wonder what weight he would have been at? Would he be at 174 instead of Plott? Or was he capable of beating Dakota Geer at 184?
Send our guys to Ben Askrin’s wrestling camps.

Although its refreshing to hear Coach Smith being candid in his remarks …its equally disheartening to hear him admit he (& his Staff) have effectively been ‘asleep at the wheel’ for last decade …vs…being ‘out front’ of the changes shaping the sport… particularly, when the fans have been discussing these very things for last several years …very dissapointing…


Good read Seth !!!
Maybe John has stuck with his old school training and loyalty too long. We should never finish 14th … injuries to me are strength to me. Do we have a strength coach in wrestling ?
Portal has to be on top of, maybe not a champion but a point man
Whatever it is let’s hope John fixes it. We all want the same… Championships
Anyone have any idea where Monday winds up?

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I think it’s fine to have healthy criticism of your favorite sports team. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a fan. The reason I quit the toxic message boards is because the moment I would give my opinion on OSU wrestling, I would get accosted by the OSU plebes.