Free Stuff Friday Giveaway: New Hats

That’s a very nice hat

Chamber hat was a bit cooler IMO, but this’uns perty cool too.

What does the back look like?

Those of us with less hair have the greatest need for a new hat.

Nice look.

looking good!



Would wear this hat. :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Can never have too much PFB swag!

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Go pokes

Let me get some of that action. Wished had this hat this weekend down in frisco.


any comment

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me likey!


In for the giveaway!

Let’s get it!

In style and happening! Go Pokes

From the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN71 a US Navy aircraft carrier currently deployed I need that hat! Great PodCast guys. Love the show! Keep it up and Go Pokes!

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