Fun game

Gonna list as many numbers as possible and give my favorite player across Oklahoma State sports history that corresponds to that number. Join in if you want to or just feel like arguing:

  1. Dez Bryant
  2. Cade Cunningham
  3. Weeden
  4. Mario Boggan
  5. Marcus Dove
  6. John Lewis
  7. Martel Van Zant
  8. Daytwone Lowe
  9. Kye Staley
  10. Nate Fleming (RIP)
  11. Zac Robinson
  12. Keiton Page
  13. Josh Fields
  14. Joey Graham
  15. JL3
  16. Perrish Cox
  17. RW McQuarters
  18. Chris Chaloupka
  19. Broderick Brown
  20. Daniel Bobik
  21. Barry Sanders
  22. Markel Brown
  23. Ivan McFarlin
  24. Tony Allen
  25. Josh Cooper
  26. Barry J. Sanders
  27. Luke Phillips
  28. David Thompson
  29. Mike Denard
  30. Cheyne Gadsen
  31. Jeremy Smith

Will do more later.

  1. Julius Crosslin
  2. Marshall Moses
  3. Desmond Mason
  4. Joe Adkins
  5. E-man Ogbah
  6. Andre Williams
  7. Orie Lemon
  8. Terrance Crawford
  9. Big Dady Jason Keep
  10. Doug Gottlieb
  11. Greg Richmond
  12. Shane Jarka
  13. Dwayne Levels
  14. Big Country Bryant Reeves
  15. Victor DeGrate
  16. Ryan Simmons
  17. Caleb Noble
  18. Andrew Lewis
  19. Blonde Bomber Fenimore
  20. Ben Buie
  21. Kevin Williams

69. Steve Mocco
70. Johnathan Rush
71. Parker Graham
73. Levy Adcock
74. Grant Garner
75. Corey Hilliard
76. (Deleted due to former player being a Sooner boot-licker)
80. Brennan Presley
81. Justin Blackmon
82. Rashaun “Still Open!” Woods
83. Colton Chelf
84. D’Juan Woods
85. Alonzo Mayes
86. Billy Bajema
87. Brandon Pettigrew
89. Nigel Nicholas
91. Antonio “Scooby” Smith
93. Ryan McBean
94. Jordan Brailford
95. Khreem Smith
96. Clint Coe
97. Marquise Fountain
98. Lorenzo Green
99. Lawrence Pinson

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So your #1 favorite player is Dez?

No. Dez wore uniform #1. That’s how they are listed. That’s the reason some spaces are empty. My favorite Cowboy across my lifetime in all sports is…probably…Desmond Mason. My God how I loved dunking with him on NCAA basketball 1999 or 2000. That team with him, Doug, Montanati, Glendon Alexander, Joe Adkins and Mo Peterson…so filthy good.

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2 - Tylan
12 - Gundy
34 - Thurman (with an * for Ernest Anderson and a hat tip for Terry MIller)
44 - Mark Moore
99 - Leslie O’Neal

(Good job with your list, btw!)

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Thank you, sir!

I like a challenge!

1-Dez Bryant, Terrell Harris, Joe Randle
2-Cade, Tylan, LeBryan, Obi
3-Weeden, Ateman
4-Boggan, Daniel McLemore, Justin Gilbert
5-Justice, Marcus Dove
6-John Lewis, Ashton Lampkin, Robert Jones
7-Tatum Bell then Martel VanZant
8-Lowe, Donovan Woods
9-Kye Staley, Josh Holliday, Jeremy Broadway
10-Fleming, Thomas Wright, Scott Tyner
11-Zac Robinson, Shaun Lewis,
12-Keiton Page, Frederick Jonzen, Adarius Bowman, Gundy
13-Phil Forte, Josh Fields, Quinn Sharp, Lawson Vaughn
14-Joey Graham, freshman Terrence Crawford, Bobby Reid, and Watonga, OK’s own Travis Hartfield.
15-JL3, Chris Lacy, Nick Sidorakis
16-Perrish Cox
17-McQuarters, TD Bryant, John Holland,
20-Bobik, Vernon Grant, Keylan Boone
21-Barry, Stevie Graham, Antoine Broxie (wish he could have fulfilled his potential…)
22-Markel, Dantrell Savage
23-I-Mac, Big Game James Anderson, Zack Craig
24-Grindfather, Kendall Hunter, JamesOn,
25-Josh Cooper, Janavor Weatherspoon

Gotta throw Darrent Williams in there for 9, RIP


Good call.

It is funny how numbers can get associated with certain players… for a lifetime. There are some numbers that are permanently associated with Dallas Cowboys players from the 60’s and 70’s for me. Some were among my favorite players and others not so much. Examples are 12-Staubach, 32-Walt Garrison, 35-Calvin Hill, 54-Chuch Howley, and 73-Ralph Neely. Neely was not a favorite player… I just think his number locked on for me as a kid since he seemed to be called for holding a few times per game. Seems crazy that my first number associations go back so far.

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My dad was always a big fan of Staubach and Garrison. The Cowboys of my era were Troy, Emmitt, and Michael.