What a college football 64-team playoff bracket would look like in 2021

CHRIS LOWESPN Senior Writer7:00 AM ET14 Minute Read

8-seeds: Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, TCU

Oh I’m having a lot of fun.

So ur army of 1
Thats called sad

I know this fits ur agenda. But this guy is not high. He is tripping on lsd
He could get the 1 seeds right. Oregon as a 2.
There were at least 1 team in each level that were a joke

The biggest joke maimi was a two seed.
Some of these team were 500.
But yes it fits ur agenda.
It just shows how pathetic u really r.

My favorite is Gundy holding OSU back to the level of Nebraska.

In the real world ( not the make believe world of some espn writer). Gundy didn’t.
He beat the #2 seed in the not make believe world for a bowl win and was ranked in the top 20

Ok I think it is finally time you seek professional help. I mean this delusion that you have with Gundy is really clouding your judgement. Please explain in what universe the Mike Gundy tenure at OSU compares in anyway with what has occurred at Nebraska since… lets say when they left the Big 12?

Well for gundy and nebraska it happen before they left he was 2 and 1.
I have worried about ar0 and Joe mental health for a while now.

This was apparently done using the prospective SP+ rankings for 2021. In those we get dinged pretty hard for not having a high recruiting ranking and also the production we’re losing.

Had they been based on the final 2020 rankings we would have been higher, a 6th seed, while Nebraska would have remained an 8th seed.

I like looking at advanced statistics as much as the next guy, but to take the snapshot that is a preseason version of them and claim it says something about OSU as a program isn’t accurate.

It’s the perception of you Gundy lovers compared to perception of national media. Every year y’all act like we are one of the top 10 teams in the nation and every year we can’t get close to playing for the conference championship. What’s the definition of insanity?

I never claimed it said anything. I am claiming now that it says something about the programs perception in the national media. Top Big12 football coaches over the last 4 years, Gary Patterson, Tom Herman, Matt Rhule, Matt Campbell and Lincoln Riley.

There is a long way from top 10 and what you think of the program. The reality is between the two. To get top 10 though Gundy is not even close to the problem, it is money. Without Gundy we would not even be sniffing the top 25 range that we are normally in. Also not sure why you keep harping on just the conference championship since no one else in the conference is winning it either, even though according to you they have better coaches and most have more money in their programs. We just happen to reside in the conference with the best college football team over the last 70 years or so.


“National Media Perception” isn’t an advanced metric.

Here is what goes into the ratings these seeds were derived from going into this fall:

  1. Returning production
  2. Recent recruiting
  3. Recent history

We’ve lost a lot of production and that’s the most heavily weighted of the 3. It’s easy to see why we would be rated lower.


I would say Recent History is the most heavily weighted because Alabama lost a lot of production.

Are you Bill Connelly? It seems unlikely.

Edit to add: Here is what he says about recent history, “This is a minor piece of the puzzle, but the projections are better with it than without.”

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Yet they lose one or two games in conference every year, just not to us. We have more loses to OU in the last 16 years than any team in the conference

Ah yes move the goalposts. To answer your question it is mostly because of when we play OU (late in the season when we normally have injuries depleting us) and because their players consider us a real rival and actually take the game seriously. I mean look at the way they came out to start bedlam last year compared to the way they started games that did not matter as much to them. They care more about beating us which I guess in a way is a compliment.

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We’re a more sure win than when they play Kansas but in your mind it means more. Now that’s funny!

OU is on a 16 game win streak against KU dating back to 2000.

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