Gallagher-Iba Arena Student Section Expanded to Include Sideline Seats

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GIA should be even rowdier next school year.

This is much needed!!! We need to get back to the noise level before they expanded GIA (to make more $$$). It’s never had the same decibel levels since then.

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Gallagher Hall as it was called when I was in school was not expanded just to bring in more money. Their was much more interest in Cowboy basketball after Eddie rebuilt the program so more seats were needed and OSU’s enrollment numbers had grown considerably from the time Gallagher Hall was built. All that it ever took to fill that place was great basketball teams. If OSU has a smart student body they will fill those seats next season and not take the basketball or wrestling teams for granted like they have been doing for awhile now. Each season there is a legendary wrestling coach mat side on Sundays along with at least one or two potential NCAA wrestling champions but the attendance remains pitifully low compared to the other bluebloods of college wrestling. That needs to change. Rowdy is when it is so loud in GIA that no one can hear themselves think.

But by growing it (and making more money) it took away from its aesthetics and the way the noise bounced all over the place. I wish they would have concentrated on keeping the noise level high when they built it.

More fans will help, and getting the students down by the court will help a lot!!!