Game Preview: Cowboy Offense Looking for Stride against Texas

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OSU is averaging 28.5 points a game, the third fewest in the Gundy era.

I find it odd that Texas averages quite a few more points than OSU, and gives up quite a few more points than OSU, yet both teams are pretty close in offensive and defensive production as far as yards per game goes.

Maybe someone should explain to Gundy that you get more points for touchdowns than field goals.

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Ur really going to use what I told u about sanders not able to score td against Gundy. U really have problems. For people who have read my other article. Corndog scored 80% td to fg in the red zone sanders is 60 %. U r a troll.

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U know alot about ou but u could be a staffer. I do know ur a troll, about time to change handle. Only thing I catch u faster next time

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“We have to be protective, somewhat, of what we do offensively. We’re not in a position to be like we have been in the last 10 or 12 years here where we can just open everything up and Katy bar the door. As we develop as an offensive line, we’ll get a little bit better as an offense throughout the season.“


I’m not going to take any chances even after admitting we’ve improved. I’m afraid to open up the playbook, and see the real potential our offense might have even though I just admitted we have good skill players. We’re still developing as an offensive line, but we are going to run the ball 70% of the time anyway. We’re more than likely going to Bob Simmons this offense to death against Texas. We may get better throughout the season, but I’m going to try and make sure we don’t turn the ball over at all costs even if it means we have to lose the game.

Nah!!! What you do is try to run Chuba to the middle of the field and set up for a 40 yard field goal and hope the kicker doesn’t miss it.

Then you put all the pressure on the defense (which hasn’t historically been good) and hope they don’t have one bad game throughout the season.

Then you barely escape with a win and don’t learn any lesson, or you barely lose and still don’t learn from it.

Still trolling

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