Game Preview: TV Info, Statistical Leaders and Series History between OSU and K-State

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Gundy’s first win against K-State came in 2007.

We need Sanders to be Zac. Score td too.

Illingworth is still our leading passer on the season. Please stick to a pro-style QB


I would like them to do somethings different. That said if they are doing bone head jobs now changing things up could be bad.
If we are huddling good fast on a 3rd down to try a get them off guard or 12 man.
Go to the I, mite get the play action better. And get the run going down hill faster.
Some simple options or pitch to get the backs out side faster.
Last year they throw to the te but after the te stopped. If we hit them while running be better.

Sanders is the much better QB for OSU. Putting a statue like Illingworth behind that Oline…….is asking for trouble.

This is true. I think u were wanting this post to Patrick. He post about shane.

I watched the Virginia game last night just wondering why we didn’t utilize Woods more at tight end. I was an Illingsworth over Sanders fan until he was so inaccurate in the opening game. Who is third on our QB depth chart?? Just wondering… ;-\

…and why we relied on a pass to ice the horrid game at Boise when we had zero confidence in it all game I have to wonder. Either we were foolish for not using it, or foolish to use it then, but got lucky. We were not sound coaching one of those two instances. Which is debatable.

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God this is got to hurt. Down 28 to 7. Ur going to the sec where they got there as beat. This is funny chit

Hey @robert28………you spoke too soon. You are an idiot.

We did find out rattler will not be the heisman. Looks like he will be transfering out. I’m sure he will look for a real qb coach

You didn’t realize Rattler was out of the Heisman prior to today…….then again, you’re an idiot. He was behind Corral, Young, Ridder & Stroud before today’s game chief. If you care about OU football so much…….there are a few sites you can go to that’ll help you. You bring up OU related stuff far more than I ever have on here.

I got Joey. And u to make fun of. I knew he was out of race I just wanted to make sure u knew it. U r a goon homer.

Ketchup is one of the most reasonable OU fans out there Roberto. Grasping at straws.

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If you think I’m a homer……then you haven’t had enough interactions with OU fans.

Uve been saying good things lately, but sticking up for tomato slice is not one of them.

You think everything is sticking up for something. You just fail to realize you are a goddamn moron.

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Ur a Homer. U spend 50 post trying to prove to me usc is a blue blood. Even tho I told u I know their a bb 49 post back. U have no clue what sarcasm is. Or when someone is laughing at u. So yes ur a homer

I hope u didn’t hurt ur fone type those big words.

Me fone werks purfektly fine. Not hert at all.

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