Game Thread: Bye Week -- Mass Exodus Watch Party

Let’s get this started. Give me your predictions!

Pokes - 7
Bye Week - 34

Bowman goes 8/24, 23 yds, 2 ints against air.


We should all just see a therapist and ask them why we chose to support the team we did.


During practice in helmets only the OL suddenly becomes an all-American group, Nardo schemes a masterful shutdown tag defense, and all 3 QB’s create another controversy for Gundy to consider. RA will declare we’re back in the hunt for the Big XII title.


My dad brainwashed me as a small child.


My therapist already hears enough about the issues my parents have caused. It’ll just be a different chapter of the same book.


The fl45 pod had a good point this week

We all heard how good the offense and defense were in spring/fall practice

They were probably good just because we were playing against ourselves and we suck haha


Stillwater was a cool city to visit when I was a kid


I grew up in Moore with OSU fan parents. Being that close to Norman and having so many uo fan friends made it easy for the natural contrarían in me to become an OSU fan. Yay…


It was 2003. I was 9. Didn’t really have a favorite team at the time, I was just coming into sports so I was one of those root for whoever wins kids. I even had one of those academy Hollis price jerseys in my room because I was a fan of his. Anyways, We went to bedlam in Norman that year. I wore OSU because I was with my dad and he wore OSU stuff, and I wanted to do whatever he did. I ended up getting nachos dumped all inside my hood and down my back by a severely overweight OU fan, to which he very passively goes “whoops.” And looked away. My dad’s best friend almost killed him. Then we lost like 54-9 or something, and the entire way to the car with nacho cheese all over my hoodie we got ridiculed and made fun of exhaustively by every single person we walked past. Fully grown men chastising a 9 year old kid.

That was the moment I became an OSU fan. And I’ve never even thought about looking back since. We could go 0-12 and I wouldn’t even flinch. It’s about more than performance to me.




My parents graduated from OAMC, and we went to some games when we were living in Oklahoma. My first memory of Cowboy football was at Lewis Stadium. In those days, the kids were allowed behind the end zones. We sat on blankets just a few yards off the back line, tossing foot balls around. Parents had seats in the stands Different times.


I mentioned this in the other thread, I too was raised in the family fun zone. Had a blast no matter how bad OSU lost.

What happens if Ollie retires from OSU tomorrow?

Not sure what is was called then, that was 60 years ago for me.

I don’t think he will. But regardless, life goes on

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Perfect week to have a bye. Get Bowman out and get Rangel coached up to play vs KSU.


I don’t see any reason to do this going into KSU. We scored 27 points yesterday. Get a full game in to get comfortable and now a start against KSU. QB discussion is all but over with the other issues on the team until after KSU to me.


Perfect for making the right decision to transfer. Gives them a lot of time to sit back, relax, and be at peace with their decision.


There is no reason to be playing bowman.

  1. We aren’t playing for anything at this point but growth in youngsters. Maybe he is slightly better than the others, who knows. But that doesn’t matter anymore. It does OSU no good to burn a year of growth by only playing him at this point.

  2. He doesn’t move the needle enough to validate keeping a young QB that we desperately need to gain experience on the bench.

  3. We scored 0 TDs on UCA with him in, we were down to ASU with him in, we were down to USA with him in, and lost to ISU with him. We haven’t had the advantage on the opposing team with him in the game in a single game we’ve played all year long. And those were to probably the 4 worst teams we will play all year. Outside of maybe Houston.

At least by playing Rangel we’re gaining him some experience / comfortability with the offense. And it’s not like the season could be going any worse with him in than it’s going with bowman in. We literally got shut out and were getting absolutely slaughtered by USA with bowman and Gunnar. Rangel literally couldn’t do any worse than that. We’re gaining nothing and hold no advantage at all by having bowman in.


That’s a reason to hate OU not root for OSU lmao