Game Thread: Pokes at Gooners

Much ado about nothing.

These are kids playing a game, even if it’s getting more and more professional by the day.

They didn’t lose because of this. Regardless of what’s going on in games I personally like seeing stuff like this. Seems like the team actually enjoys being around each other.

If there’s a coaching change and these players end up staying, I’d rather they like each other and come together rather than get fractured.


I appreciate your reporting this and am not directing this comment at you. However, this is an embarrassingly pathetic excuse from a very experienced player and a coach in his 7th year for throwing away a winnable game to your biggest rival :rage: Not to mention I’d never trust any info from a Goon player :smirk:

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They definitely fouled him. The refs usually give the foul for much less contact and did so on our end of game fouls.
That being said, you still need to play until the whistle.


Oh, I know. I saw it. I’m one of the idiots still watching these games. But fouls were being thrown all night - many called, many not. As you said, you play until you are darn sure you hear a whistle (or two whistles) in that situation. Just completely dumb and inexcusable.

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“Motion offense dodgeball”


Ahh that’s why our passes look the way they do!