Game Thread (Sam Houston State) 🏀

I hope everybody has fun.


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This would help.

Small will start today, along with Dailey, Q Williams, Marsh and JMW

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Is BT injured now?

Coach didn’t say anything about a BT injury in the pregame interview, but I came in late.

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Permanent injury to his FT hand


BT was late to the shootaround this morning, and so he’s not starting.

That isn’t a foul.

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Good ball movement on the first 2 made 3’s

All 7 of our shots so far have been 3’s. They need to work the ball inside and not settle for 3’s every time down the floor.

Well JMW still hasn’t shown up to shootaround, so idk why he’s on the floor.


Here comes BT

We stink at rebounding

Sam houston is getting a bunch of lucky bounces too

He just arrived!

I thought Dow could shoot? :face_with_monocle:

This is Mike Boynton’s last season.

McBride is good

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I feel so checked out.

Small is legit PG