Game Thread (!): Stillwater Stars vs. Team Brotherly Love

For the first time since March 11, I’m going to write about a game that happened that same day!


Le’Bryan Nash is a bucket!


On TV?

So far so good!

We’re the greatest team of all time.


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Anyone have an update in who is playing? Heard Cobbins and Brown are out.

Le’Bryan Nash
Thomas Dziagwa
Brian Williams

That’s all of the OSU players?

Lebryan is an animal.

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So who wasn’t able to play? I know Forte, Markel, Jeffrey Carroll, and Cobbins were supposed to be there right? And are they not there because they tested positive for COVID?

Some tested positive (not sure who). Others decided to back out.

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This team doesn’t look bad as is but add Markel, Carroll, etc and this team would’ve been dangerous!

Oh and Marshall I know you’re giddy right now watching Dizzy again! Haha

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Nash is underrated. Looks like a stud so far today

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That Dizzy? Afraid to say anything bad with @marshall moderating.


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I forgot how great of a player Nash was. Glad to see him playing well today. And nice to see DIzzy with an early 3!

He is shooting 100 percent as a semi-professional.


They need markel and cobbins to play with the big dogs. Jeff would’ve helped a ton also. LB has always been a bucket

@marshall do you know the rules? Can other players join in later on or is this the team for the entire tourney?