Game Thread Week 9: Oklahoma State @ Kansas State


Let’s Ride!

Anyone making the trip to Manhattan?

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It looks like @JimD is. Are you heading up?

Anybody have a K State injury report? They got obliterated against TCU on that front last night.

Adrian Martinez in particular?

If KSU is as beat up as OSU I take OSU to win by 7.

We need to know status of following starters.

Collin Oliver (Maybe just a rumor)
Brock Martin
Thomas Harper
Jaden Bray
Braydon Johnson
Preston Wilson
Joe Michelski

All starters.

With already three starters out in Birmingham, Blaine Green and Brendon Ewers. This is getting very tricky.

What’s the deal with JT II?

Last heard hyper extension of knee, Maybe out 2-4 weeks.


Big loss there if so.

That would be a blessing compared to the ACL tear we thought it could be


I’ll know for sure in a couple of days, but planning on going as of now.

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Is Blaine out for the year? Having a tight end that can consistently catch passes will add another wrinkle to the offense


That is an ugly injury report. Hopefully we hear some kind of update on Monday

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Was Braydon Johnson out with the concussion, or something else? Would be great to get at least him and Wilson back next week.

If he’s able to play at all this season, we should at least wait and only play him in 4 games so he can redshirt. Assuming we make it back to Arlington, that would mean his first game would be Bedlam.


Gangster content

Add Rashod Owens to this list. Grabbed his hammy in the 1H and never came back in

Edit: Disregard, I’m an idiot :joy:

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I noticed that as well. He was run blocking and tackle occurred right behind him. Wasn’t sure if it was a hammy or if he got rolled up on.

He played the entire second half.

Here he is on greens game sealing run. He was right there with him on the run as well.


You don’t have to yell :joy:

Admittedly I didn’t pay that much attention, just remember seeing Schulz and Cassidy more in the 2H and made an assumption. We can disregard then :grin:


Wasn’t trying too lol.

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