George W. Bush to Throw Out First Pitch at OSU's O'Brate Stadium on March 20

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This will be a pretty amazing moment.

I was wondering who was going to say this

Someone needed to speak the truth.

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Lol. This is an awesome thing for the University, regardless of your politics. Excited to see the announcement!


Lol bro every president corrupt and a puppet. They arent the ones takI’ll ng us to war his handlers were.

Obama came in and didn’t change a thing because he was looking at the same information. When he did pull out of Iraq it was a total disaster.

Okie dokie then … that was fun! Please keep politics out of this thread (all threads!) or we’ll scoot this one to the recycle bin. Thanks.

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what a sad pathetic little tempest in a jar you are with your mis-informed attacks.
be informed not opinionated you little snowflake…

Trash human being from a CRIMINAL family. When the truth comes out and some already has this won’t ever be seen as a good thing.

@kyleboone Yet he’s coming to Stilly cause of politics, true or false?

You’re informed? :thinking: :roll_eyes:

What brilliant individual scheduled the opening game during spring break?

At first blush, I’m with you. But after further thought it creates more opportunity for families from Tulsa or OKC to come out and offset the smaller number of students that will attend. Might not be the worst idea ever. Of course, many families will be vacationing so maybe it is the worst.

Hope it’s full.

He’s coming to Stillwater because he’s a former president who is a huge fan of the game a former owner of a mlb franchise and happens to be friends with the park’s namesake.

If you’re so offended, first grow up and second buy a ticket or wait in the parking lot and exercise your Constitutional right of freedom of speech and holler and boo, but remember freedoms are not without consequences.


This is why we can’t have ex-Presidents people.

I disagree with your post being flagged it didn’t bother me but that’s where we are these days, feelings rule the day.
I’ll put it another way, if Oklahoma State is fortunate enough to have any, regardless of political persuasion, former potus or sos or vpotus come to its campus under non political circumstances, that’s something the university and its students should embrace & take great pride in.

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Like the JFK hit, history will one day prove I’m right and many of you will regret ever supporting this doofus.

You’re mistaking respect for the office for support for policy.