Georgia Transfer Sahvir Wheeler Lists OSU in Final Four

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Wheeler is a former top-100 Texas talent.

Well if he can repeat his numbers be big.

Unfortunately, OSU is the 4th best team in his final 4 list. But nice of him to include us anyway.
Go find a big man center coach.

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At this late in the game. Beggars can’t be choosers

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Even early on we were still beggars can’t be choosers.
We would have thought that having the number one player from high school on the team for a season would have enticed some other top tier players to consider OSU but that has not happened. That probably keeps us as a middle of the pack team in the Big 12 for the next few years at least. Not a good spot to be in.

It did cade brought alot of talent in. But its now up to boynton.

Yeah…if you don’t land a single high school recruit, and I mean recruit that you didn’t just offer b/c you struck out on the other 40 offers you gave in that class then Boynton failed even if he lands 4 five star players in the portal.

I remember what Mike Holder told me some years ago when I complained about Travis Ford not recruiting any tall enough players. Coach Holder replied that every other school is also trying to get those tall players.
So I guess that means the competition is so great for those players and there are not enough of them to go around. And it also means those kids are not very interested in playing for OSU for whatever reasons, regardless of the recruiting ability of the coaching staff.