GIVEAWAY! (See thread for details)

You see this slick shirt above? We’re giving one away FO FREE this week. All you have to do is …

  1. Create a free account with us
  2. Comment on this post
  3. Wait for results

If you already have a PFB account (or a PFB+ account), thank you – and don’t fret! Just because you’re already in the cool kids club doesn’t preclude you from being a winner. You are still eligible to apply. Just drop a comment in the thread below and you’ll be entered in the random drawing on Friday. The winner will be notified here!

Am I eligible?

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No because we don’t sell the shirt in vests or smediums, boss. Sorrey.


First come, first served??

Oh Canada!

I want to win the thing.

Free Shirt Eh?!

Moar yards than Taylor in one less game. Higher yards per game average than Taylor.

Canada is a great place to visit.

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I like free stuff



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Canada’s Greatest Export :canada::canada::canada:


My favorite Canadian.

I appreciate everything y’all have been doing covering Oklahoma State. You’re my go to for it all!

Here’s to Mr. 2k2019 sticking around for one more year.

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I’m here for the shirt