Gonzaga Reportedly in Talks about Joining Big 12

Originally published at: Gonzaga Reportedly in Talks about Joining Big 12 | Pistols Firing

The Big 12 could get even harder.


Would be interesting if the Big 12 took a couple of basketball schools without football. Need to make sure they don’t take money away from us though.

Need to fix this can’t breath on a defender or it’s a foul! To me that’s what is wrong with college basketball. Hard to watch anymore. Can’t even trade baskets without a foul anymore.

Sorry, meant to say you can’t even breath on an offensive player without a foul.

Well that is interesting. Trying to supercharge the other profitable sport. I think that is cool.

Lots of travel for most, especially since they don’t play football. I’m sure they would draw crowds , conference is tough enough as it is. Morgantown to Spokane :flushed:

Try Orlando to Spokane. Would be interesting to see how they structured this potential addition.

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