Good and bad rumors

Somoe of the good. Jackson and clay seem to being doing good. We will need both as t b e year goes on.

Kind of disturbing rumor. Is we may now have up to 20 scholarship. So some guys have let it be known they wouldn’t be back.
We have 9 i think for sure. I dnt see 11 declaring for nfl.

So who and why. I can see sanders and hunter may take the leap on the offensive side. Full reciever could put guys like Anderson and owens.
Hutton and hale may go.

Ford and lacy. Thats still not that many.

@travis5266 i cant responded on that post. You comment about if it was brent was i think the best comment i havr ever seen from you lol.

Thank you, sir! Can you imagine if their new coach/golden boy had to lose his job 8 months into it?! Goon fans would lose their minds.

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@KetchupSicle lol we on on cale’s side except you. You on first ou side. I have heard so much talk about thats not the way they do it at ou. Talk about a homer.

2 things i get from the article. Was great another guy sticks up for cale. Accountability is usful not only in concel culture.

Glad cale is getting on with his. He could make this a speaking gig. Once he is released from uo. He could mske it a comedy show.

Latest rumor is green may be ready for the last few games.

Lastest rumor is the freshman is going to be 2nd on left tackle. And collier has left the team. Has nothing on Twitter and is still on the roster.
I didnt thunk collier was 2 deep on any spot. He is still on the roster. Be great if a young is that high up, but doubt it. He would be skipping alot of guys