Good bad and ugly asu

Good richardson ran hard nice job.
Wilson fumble recovery
Can you say flea flicker
Gordon got his first good run followed by his first td

Cobb had a great game.

Sanders over 300 yards

Special team was great, nice nixon return.

3rd down was great for d just that on series the got those 2. Only about 10 bad plays. Better

Ku beat wv and got a pic 6 in overtime.

Bad had 10 or 12 big plays accounting for alot of offense

Ive mentioned presley, Richardson put the ball on the ground. Johnson had 2 more drops.

3 bad flags.

Ugly joy firegumby and jug
Nebraska isuvsiowa a&m Alabama Wisconsin Florida nutter lame

Brooks to bad flags

I love flea flickers. Seems like we can’t ever pull it off, but it worked great this time.

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I wonder if frost can make it thur the season.

You know the boosters at nd a&m and florida are lived

5 top12 teams lose got to be ugly. Alabama having to hold of a none ramked team that last year lost to kansas.ugly

I think he gets fired after OU comes to Lincoln and hangs half a hundred on them.

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