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CBS rated gundy as the 10 th best coach that’s coaching now this year. Last year he was 15th.
If we can get the oline and lb to stay health we should be good.

This big 12 has way to meaning question its hard to get a handle on all the other teams.

Would be interesting. A coach who can’t figure out how to win the conference in the last 11 years is going to not only win the conference but win a national championship? Who ever came up with this must consider the lottery his retirement plan.

My money is on Texas A&M, Saban says they are buying their team and from what I know about A&M they could afford a pretty good team.

What has Texas done w/ all that money since 2005? I usually agree w/ you, but there’s an example that money can’t buy you rings.So it probably won’t work for A&M.

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cOnFeReNcE tItLe BlAh bLaH

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Oh is he going to win a national championship without winning the conference?

Only the SEC gets that kind of love.

Do you feel like the troll you are when everyone gives your team more love nationally than you do as a supposed “fan”? More importantly, when reality contradicts you? Like when you were doom and gloom after our rocky 3-0 start?

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I have no idea what you are talking about? My “reality” has been we need to be winning conference titles. Gundy claims it’s better to be bowl eligible and never win the conference than win the conference and have a year where you’re not bowl eligible. I don’t see that. If you win the conference you will get a NY6 bowl or payoff invite. Either one is better than two liberty bowls. You are not going to the playoffs in this conference without winning the conference and after OU and Texas leave you will probably have to be undefeated and win the conference. In fact you might not get a NY6 bowl if you win the conference with 2 loses.

Oh, like how you thought we were in a downward spiral, but these three teams were going to make a big jump!

So frickin’ hilarious. Two of those teams missed a bowl and OU imploded after missing the CCG for the first time. Why should anyone listen to you and your stupid takes? The stuff you’re saying now is going to be just as wrong and stupid.

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How many more years do you think Gundy will coach? Say he coaches 10 more years and Baylor wins 5 conference titles and Cincinnati wins 2 and maybe TCU and BYU each win one and on a fluke Iowa State wins one. That would mean Gundy won 1 conference title in 27 years, I don’t care if he’s bowl eligible every single year, that’s wasted time. Just like the last decade.

Hey you have seen more wasted time tge most of us. Why are you crying now should have cried years ago pre gundy.