Grace Afforded to Gundy Moving Forward

Going to be a very interesting year moving forward now that Gundy will remain in charge when football activities resume. I have been in the Gundy is stuck in his ways crowd so I am hoping to be proven wrong.

I see the recent move by Holder similar to the NASCAR dilemma of taking 2 tires verses taking 4 tires at a pit stop. I see a short term gain (2020 season) being prioritized over Holder’s core principle (ride for the brand).

I am curious how oSu fans will react to player’s continued use of social media.
Comedy attempt: No doubt more eyes will be on their accounts this season but somehow “The Kyle’s” will be blamed for not protecting the oSu brand in spite of the actions of others. How dare you two exhibit ethics you learned at oSu.

I am curious to see how the fan base responds if preseason expectations aren’t met.

I am curious to see how the Gundy’s relationship with the media changes.

I am curious to see how Gundy publicly speaks about his players.

I am curious to see how Gundy speaks about the Holder and the oSu administration.

I am curious to see how long fans expect Gundy to remain in Stillwater.

I am curious will change be sustainable for Gundy.


My response to your “How long Gundy will remain in Stillwater”…

4 years and he’s done. Once his son is finished/graduated, he’ll step down, in my opinion. I see that as one reason he re-designed his contract to have the 4 year turnover.

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Well his son is taking a year off

Wasn’t aware of that. There goes my theory…

Thanks for the update.


I’m curious to know if you wear underwear or panties?


I’m curious if he’s going to get a ■■■■ haircut.

The mullet is representative of “I’ll do what I want to do regardless of anyone else” and now would be a good time to clean it up.

We all might be

So, your reaction?

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It’s a start! Could be a bit tighter – a No. 4 guard, maybe, in the back.

lol I get a 4 on the sides. That’s not a lot!

This is THE year to start



If only I knew! I would have changed my wardrobe years ago to something much more comfortable, man.

That’s pretty generous.

2 on the sides, scissor cut the top.