Grades: First Loss of the Season Brings Ugly Report Card for the Pokes

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OSU gets a passing grade overall but it’s not all pretty.

Missed special teams. Big fat F there too.

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We lost no one gets a pass

“Play-calling wasn’t great, either, and the offense really never got enough momentum to really take the game and ice it.”

Hard to gain momentum when all you want to do is run the same run play a million times because you’re scared to death to let the QB pass the ball when he ended up playing a mostly solid game.

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Defense: B
Offense: D
Special Teams: D

Just wish he could be mostly solid on a consistent basis.

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  1. Passing B
  2. Running D+
  3. Play Calling C
  4. QB B+
  5. O’line C
  6. Wide Receivers B
  7. O.C. D+
  8. Head Coach C+


  1. Secondary B-
  2. Run Def C+
  3. D’Line C
  4. LB C+
  5. Def Play calling C+
  6. Def Coach B-

I’d switch the secondary and run D grades around. We held Breece Hall pretty much in check while Brock Purdy threw for over 300 yards and had a completion percentage of 81%

Great article, but something’s up with that sub-title. How do you get an overall passing grade when you lose? :wink:

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If this team can’t get multiple A’s for grading after playing Kanas then I don’t know what to think. I thought our secondary needs to peek at the ball a bit sooner than they do so they break up some passes. This trend to just look at the receiver instead of the ball creates some problems. Also, hard to get interceptions doing it that way. Brock Purdy had a ton of time to throw. We sorely miss Trace Ford and Trey Sterling.

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Let’s give this a reality check.
First tge kickes there was a side wind. I’m not making excuses, when those kicks were inch away from good not 5yards. The short one should have been made.
Misses are misses.
We think we have a great defense but isu has been held under 17 twice and once by an fcs team.
Joey said we had 32 rushes up the middle. Well 3 sack and a kneel makes that false, without even review each run play.
U guys are always on playing calling well more passes the rush was not the same ole same ole.
We knew what isu was going to run, and did lil to stop it. It’s one thing let 5’ nothing deuce vaungh lose, but miss place Hutchison and Kolar is another.
This was the same team at stillwater took 3 pics to beat by 3 last year.
So yes ur all rite " all heck broke loose".

Concerning the Iowa State game grades, I thought it was Spencer Sanders best game. The field goal misses were really disappointing. In hindsight I wish we’d gone for it but the kicker had been doing well. He missed a 50 yarder but it was close. I thought it was a difficult but bad call at the end of the game on the 4th down play.

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You’re being to hard on the defensive grades and way too generous with your offensive ones. As usual, the time of possession was pretty lopsided, mostly because of the Cowboys inability to play offensive football in the 3rd quarter. Offensive play calling deserves an “F” for the 4th down pass behind the sticks. With this team, you get pretty good defense that sometimes gives up big plays (I’m okay with this), wildly inconsistent special teams, and an offensive and qb that is not even mediocre. Offensive play calling is also atrocious.

I wonder if anybody knows what mediocre means. I see it being bounce around alot. Would osu as a whole be mediocre. It’s not Harvard or neo.
I’m not the highest on Sanders but 182 rating seem to be good atleast mediocre. 3 td and no turnovers, that seem like numbers alot of people would want.
As usual on time. We’ll the other 3 conference games we are a plus 30 minutes. Just some oddities I noticed.

I really dnt get into the grading dealer. Everyone is grading off expectations.
We only ran 60 plays so off numbers were good.
Sanders had a day we needed.
The wide receiver I know made 3 great catches. The first were really good. But, all 3 passes were where only the receiver could get them. With the last actually was a great pass, presley be so short it looked harder.
The flags killed us again even on that last drive.
Defense well we knew what we had to do. And didn’t stop Hutchison. We did great on hall. Just couldn’t limit the te.
It does get down to a good grade overall for a road game against a good team. Is it the numbers we want Saturday against ku no.

Coaching is a freakin F. How many times is this gonna happen? I mean c’mon, th get Pokes are ranked 8 and not favored against an unranked Iowa Stste. Why? Because Gundy can’t win the games when it matters.
How many times have we seen OSU move up in the polls only to get knocked down. It’s what Gundy does and he’s lip smackin all the way to the bank.
QB - F
Sanders is the biggest disappointment since Bobby Reid and XLK. Was he really a Texas Football Player of the year? Don’t see it.
RB - A
Warren is great. Finally, some one to represent supposed “tailback U” well.
Overall - F
Gundy failed. O failed to move the ball. D failed during crunch time.
My prediction, 2 more losses. 9-3 at best.

Mediocre: of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance: ORDINARY, SO-SO

That’s straight from Merriam-Webster. As a university, yes, OSU is a mediocre institution.

Sanders had the best game of his career. but what is his QB rating for the year? 68.0. He’s tied for 64th in TD (9) and tied for 70th in INT (5) and 85th in country for yards (1,184). Considering there’s 130 FBS teams, Sanders probably doesn’t even qualify as mediocre. His yardage and INT numbers are certainly less than average.

As a team, OSU is 87th in ppg (that’s including defensive and special teams TDs). 87th out of 130 is not even mediocre. Being in the 33rd percentile is inferior by any measurement. The Cowboys are not a good offensive team and Sanders is not a good qb. No amount of sunshine-pumping can change those facts.

As far as time of possession, for the other 3 conference games, its closer to a +26 minute advantage but if you take another random set of 3 games (Mizz St., Tulsa, and ISU), OSU is -22. In the ISU game, the game we’re talking about, ISU dominated the second half, especially the 3rd quarter TOP. That disastrous 3rd quarter was largely due to the offense’s inability to move the ball and gain first downs. OSU is so bad in the 3rd quarter, that the offense has scored a grand total of 3 points this season.