Grades: OSU Gets Passing Report Card After Gritting Out Win Over Iowa State

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OSU gets back in the win column and in the good graces of yours truly.

No you can give the running game an F in a win, when you average under 2 YPC that’s an automatic F. I don’t care if we win by 30.


Offense C
Defense A
Special Teams C


Our defense did play well but they hardly forced all of the turnovers. Iowa State has made several defenses look good this year. Most were gifts from a very ineffective Cyclone offense. The ‘A’ comes for Collin Oliver and others. Someone please explain to me again why Mr (and heavy emphasis on the MISTER) Oliver isn’t a usual starter for Derek Mason. (an apt last name for such a 'brick’head…)

GO POKES!! …and please pass to establish the run in Bedlam. :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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Yeah I gave the D an A based on a curve because Iowa State’s Offense is inept.

Certainly better this week than the last two weeks. KState is looking really good since our game with them. No excuse for the Kansas loss, it happens when you’ve beat someone 12 straight years
I haven’t seen gumball posting how chitty Sanders is :thinking: Don’t run against the goons, just throw the dam ball. Oline can’ make a hole


Backs have no vision even when holes open up.

Perhaps we should just let our passing game open up the rushing game. Please quit with the 3 handoffs and out strategy.

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Just because he made a TD against the worst team in the league doesn’t mean he is anything special. We still have a horrible team. And, next year will probably be worse because we are losing the super seniors. I am proud of Sanders for not having an interception. With a guy that has almost 50 turnovers in his career that rarely happens.

That has been Dunn and Gundy’s strategy for many years. That’s why we never end up at the top of our own conference.

If we have a horrible team and he produces when he plays, doesn’t that mean he’s good? Producing with a horrible team around him?

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Gundy is always going to run as much as possible to match the amount of passes and ■■■■ the torpedoes. Only time he will sniff a championship is if they get lucky enough to get the kids that can run the system and instead of changing the system to for the personal on the field. Not going to happen this year next year or any year of his existence as head coach. He can’t recruit good enough not even with gods money can he recruit to where we need to get to.

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You act like he’s got some huge recruiting budget. He never has.

Maybe he could have if he weren’t so overpaid.

That’s how big of an idiot you’re if you think part of Gundys salary will pay for a bunch of NIL players. Texas pays a quarter a million just for the OL and A$M beats them yet they are .500. You sure you aren’t jugs grandson ? Joys brother ? You cry a lot like them

Maybe we have that horrible team you say next year you will be gone. A man can always wish. Your IQ on football is about equal to your vocabulary :cowboy_hat_face:

That was more of a rhetorical statement than anything. Of course I know his salary couldn’t touch anything. But he is overpaid. That was the primary point. It’s ok Mongo.