Grades: OSU's Offensive Line Emerged as an A+ Group Against West Virginia

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On change, the o-line and red zone offense

Offense: A
Defense: C
Special Teams: B

You’re too generous with the B on the special teams IMO. Muffed punt and roughing the kicker is at least a D. With the amount of FGs Hale is having to kick some will be missed so I’m not too upset about it.

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Fair enough. It’s funny last week I gave that unit a B as well and apparently that got under ol Robert’s skin cause now he’s calling me joy :rofl::rofl:. Whatever. :no_entry_sign: him and moved on.


I say one thing and jarrod is crying like a baby. Talk about woke. I know that only you guys are on any more. This site is full of guys hugging and talking how bad this team is.
We lets look at your grades you gave 2 b’s in last to weeks. If you cant see the difference in the two weeks well i would stop grading.
Missing a 43 yarder really doesn’t count. What else did sp team miss against ku. This week the kick was bad a couple of bad returns flags. I dnt think people realize how many plays there are about 20 a game.