Grades: Second-Half Ollie, Big 12 Chances and Cowboy Culture after OSU's Comeback Win against Houston

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On Ollie, OSU’s path to the Big 12 title game and Cowboy Culture

This may be my favorite line of the year - give the man a Pulitzer!!
“Not only does Gordon not seem to get tired as the game goes on, through limps and all, but it’s like he actually gains energy as the end draws near. He’s like my toddler the closer to bedtime it is.”


I love Ollie and think he’s great, but there were plenty of players to praise after the game. Brennan Presley caught 15 passes, I counted 13 for first downs. Bowman threw 43 times, did not get sacked again and had 348 yards. Sure he throws some dicey passes, but he played well. The defense stopped Houston on 7 straight drives to allow us to take the lead. Alex Hale 3-3 in FGs. A really good team win.