Grading OSU Football's Showing vs. Boise State in Week 3

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Some good and bad, but OSU again leaves the weekend with passing grades – just not in the passing game.

Coaching at A lol. Defensive coaching was an A sure but offensive was not. Calling the same QB draw on 3rd and long almost every single time is not good coaching. Offensive coaching was a C at best.


Offense: D
Defense: A
Special Teams: B

Lol Coaching an A? This has to be a joke! Predictable play calling as usual. Defense was an A but that offense was a D. We will get crushed in Big 12 play calling a game like this. There was one point where we ran it 25 times in a row!!

Really? You gave coaching an A? What part of running a QB draw three times on 3rd and long did you find so successful in those calls?

What part of being one dimensional the entire second half and not adjusting when the defense keys in on it do you find successful?

You guys probably watched a different game than I did.

Coaching- C (still looks the same with maybe 2-3 new plays implemented for this game)

Offense- C (Can’t pass the ball at all, fumbled, and Jaylen Warren made it look better than it actually is)

Defense- A- (Had some trouble in the secondary a little bit, but cleaned up a lot in the 2nd half and forced a couple of turnovers).

Special Teams- B+ (Besides the missed FG there were no muffs and the blocked FG helped alleviate the offense from having to do too much to secure a win).

Will someone ask Gundy if it’s possible (with the exclusion of Kansas) that his team be able to win a game by…I don’t know….10 points at least so it doesn’t look like two homeless men fighting on the field over the last drop of alcohol every single week.

Passing shouldn’t have been an F . Yeah we didn’t get much points or yards there but there weren’t any interceptions . There were dropped passes . There was only one real one that I screamed NONONONOOOO as it was sailing through midfield as a play was breaking down .


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Boise State plays on CBS next week while OSU is on espn- I wonder why OSU wasn’t picked by a power 5?

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R name is not ou or Texas.
If osu could produce more lawyers then guys like jug we could make it.

This defense made a true pro style qb look like a running qb. Next week we will face a true running qb. Knowles hasn’t had much luck stop any of the 3 qb yet. Better find a way.

So in you’re reality the defense needs to be better? How about something that resembles an offense so we aren’t in nail biters with FCS and G5 schools?


Answer the second question.

How do any of you believe the Defense deserves an A. The defense played soft on coverage the entire first half and gave up 20 points. They did cause 1 turnover in the first half. The missed tackles and lack of pressure for the first quarter and half was horrible. The D should get a C+ based on the 2nd performance. Getting a hand on the FG saved the day.

That’s why I gave them an A-

I would give the D a B+ at the worst. When you go 3 and out on every series, I don’t how you expect them to perform any better.
I’ve read several comments (not all on here) of how Gundy should be fired for the play calling, or has been changing plays after they’re called since dana left, etc. All I know is that our O has been our bread and butter until Yurcich left. We’ve had no organized offense since then. Dunn was great in his prior role (or was he?), but i think OC is above his head at this point. I’ve took up for Gundy, but if we can’t do better than what Sanders has done, Gundy, Dunn and Sanders need to go.


Gleason has Rutgers scoring points. Dunn is a problem but I think any OC under Gundy will be handicapped just like Gleason. Rutgers fans love him.

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Exactly!!! The second half the Boise offense has 0 points and 10 rushes for -2 yards (only 3 yards of offense in the 3rd quarter) despite our offense running it every down and punting it away.

I would give r defense an a+ for the second half. But when u have a qb with negative yards coming in running around like he Vincent Young u got troubles.
Next week we will face a player more apt to run, let’s see if they will stop him.