Grading OSU’s Win vs. Baylor: Cowboys Offense Again Earns High Marks in Road Win

Originally published at: Grading OSU’s Win vs. Baylor: Cowboys Offense Again Earns High Marks in Road Win | Pistols Firing

OSU gets high marks almost entirely across the board.

Offense: A
Defense: B
Special Teams: A

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@kyleboone just curious who were the sevrn line men. Is black hurt.

I think kyle broke in to his dads orange cool aid.

Nixon eas great but that fumble could have equaled out the td. Get play by are walk on miracle man cabbiness.

Sanders made alot of plays other then passes.

I have been on the hutton and dickey band wagon for years. Nise for you to jump on.

Secondary you mite been a lil harsh with. Benson (lb) probably should not have been cover the fastest baylor guy in Baldwin. They gave up alot of junk yards late in pervent. Also they did get 2 pics and a safety technical…

Great road win lets raid tech Secondary will need to play better for them

Unlike in the non-con games there were no obvious gimmies offered up to Baylor by the DBs. Blake Shapen made some really sharp throws and you gotta give credit to him and his receivers. 2 INTs made up for the inability to cover more tightly if that was the criticism.

Said this before but I thought Baylor played a solid game. One of the Shapen int’s was kinda of freakish and not really his fault. OSU special teams made a huge difference in the game. They were directly responsible for 9 points in the game and yea I know the D got that safety but special teams put them in that position to get it done.

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Ok, who are the other 2 O Linemen who rotate in?
And who?


Sharpen is pretty good. He can zing it.

You got me. I was thinking who is Dunn? Then I thought is it Pierre or Raoul?

I russ came in to play center fo 1 play on the goal that we didnt get a td. Wilson had a problem with his lid and had to come out. I thought he mite have ment that many other guys not 2.

Love to see the offensive line getting better. They were solid last year. This year they’re looking good to great.

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Agreed. I feel like how much both the OL and secondary improve over the season will determine what kind of year we have.