Graduate Transfer Ferron Flavors Jr. Commits to Oklahoma State

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The Cowboys add a 3-point sharpshooter.

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Wholly crap how many guards does one team need. Boynton better get Thor with this last scholly or next years team is going to be another disappointment.

Currently he has Yor, Kalib, Hiddie and Pena set for next year as true bigs.

I’m guessing he plans on playing a lot of four guards with Cunningham’s size and Ice’s strength. Keylan and Moncrief also have some good length to play small ball 4. 4 guards is where the game is heading anyways. Best way to match up with the likes of Texas Tech and Kansas. Thor would be great because he has perimeter skill. Thor weighs 190 and Ice weighs 220 so getting someone tall and thin isn’t always the answer defensively.

Thor May be thin but he has much more game than bigs we have. I have a hard time believing Ice plays the point next year. Cade is a point guard and will make guys much better. Ice can’t shoot, he’s a bruiser who can catch the ball at the free throw line and take his man to the basket. Kalib and Yor are average at best. I hope that Pena and Moncrieffe can give us something. This team will miss McGriff and his ability to rebound and score inside.

I think this is a huge get. I am still hopeful for Thor as well but I think the team is shaping gup nicely and this adds some veteran presence as well. It also gives us another scholarship for next season without just holding it. The Boone’s and Hidde need to make the leap next year. I think Kalib was making it this year but we will need the others to be solid even if Cade and Moncreiffe are studs. It is hard to come up with a starting 5 at this point though. Maybe:


2nd unit:


I think Kalib and Yor will be better than average, especially when you look at their production at the 5 over 40 minutes. So, I think the 5 spot will be a strength of ours like it was towards the end of the season. One the or the other would play well and get the 25min vs 15min, but as a duo, our 5 spot became very productive as Kalib emerged.

The issue is…I don’t see Yor and Kalib playing together very effectively at all. As mentioned before, Ice isn’t a great shooter or floor spacer and Cunnigham is a get to the basket and facilitator guy as well. But they are our two best players, so they will play.

Starting line up to me looks something like this
Harris/Favors/Walker battle it out here
Keylan/Moncrief battle it out here

Anderson will spell both Ice and Cunningham as our third facilitator. It’s not unimaginable that ICE or Cade work some guarding 4’s as well. Could be very difficult line up for our opponents to defend.

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