Grath brooks

Everybody is worried about recruiting, especially this class. I always knew it wasnt going to be a big class. As of now the average is 87. That still ranks as 2nd best average. But, there has been definite issue. Billy to texas is the first. Is not a new deal. I went on his Twitter, kind of glad Texas got him. His and his family act like they just won the lotto.
We had another with Jordan and perkins. Tech has a great new recruiting team plus, as with atleast one other Texas team, add 25k nil deal to 100 players perkins havent heard if nil got him. It is at home but im sure they came up with some money for their only 4 star.

So, it bring us to the title. I have no idea who has the money. I do know i havent seen grath on the donor board. He is a guy we did to some how get his money. We could land 50 mill that could be 5 million a year toward a nice base nil deal for the whole athletic program add that to the 5k the school has set up. Through a money mraket that would retirn 10% we could have it forever. The tech deal is 2.5 mill. We could up it and still give to other programs.

Its just a thought. We do need to do something. My 2 bites wouldnt pay for a water boy. No matter what you think of gundy, who ever the coach is they would compete with out a base nil. Have 1 that is always there would help getting money for other things or top nil deals for the better players.

I mean we could give him a staute in front of the track field bps and music hall

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Surprised no wants to talk nil

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We need to be hitting up every wealthy donor in regards in NIL

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@joe15 if you care so much go get us some money

Yes we need abunch of them. I would like one big endowment style to have a base nil for the whole program but mainly football.

I dnt know if you can keep getting 2.5 mill every year to do what like tech is doing. But endowment would just use it interest every year. Then get yearly deals

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Glad you finally agree. We need to recruit better players.

Your an idiot