Growing Pains: Breaking Down the Mass Amount of Minutes OSU Freshmen Have Played This Season

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OSU freshmen have played 1,474 minutes this season – 312 more than any other Big 12 team’s freshmen.

Just need dubs coach because that’s your job. You should have known not to hire a big freshman class. Just need gundy to figure this out Ma’s we’ll. Is there somthing in the water in Stillwater that makes coaches decisions making skills slow? It’s even in wrestling although they seem to be doing good this season. Just try to win at a high level boys and girls because you get paid for that not running day cares for kids.

Your amazing 10 wins title game bowl win 16 ranking again gundy sucks.

I cant wait for the girls softball team to not do good and hear you bag on your hero.

You and bill love to make excuses about freshman. Ive heard them all from you too. One time its great next its why do we have freshman playing.

I like seemingly everyone, like/love everything about Mike Boybtob except his won loss record. The main reason I would like him to stay one more season is Garrison and Daley appear to me to be the real deal, along with Small. If Boynton leaves they could all go and we are really in the toilet for a few more years.

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