Gundy Decision on Fourth-Quarter Punt 'Based on the Flow of the Game'

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Gundy addresses one of the main talking points to come from Bedlam.

LOL, had absolutely NOTHING to lo$e at that point in time. This guy $TINK$ at math.

Spineless punt. Lose the game like a goddamn man and go for it. The punt had 0 effect on the score.

Gundy gave up! The defense didn’t give up but Gundy gave up!

“I think at that point I was just ready to give OU the ball back. I knew they would run it and burn some clock. I really just wanted the game to be over with so I could go home.”

Mike Gundy

Almost every other college coach in America would’ve went for it. Not the best coach in OSU history though. We punt the ball and raise the white flag.

He’s a fine coach gentlemen what did you say his name is? In all seriousness is he getting dementia or something I mean I don’t think he’s head is right but that’s just me

It’s like he keeps forgetting that he had the same scheme the year before and the year before that and the year before that but it’s the first time to him that it didn’t work.