Gundy Discusses Next Steps of His Looming Defensive Coordinator Hire

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Gundy said he still is unsure whether he will promote from within or make an outside hire.

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Brandon Weeden will be your new OSU DC.

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If he could teach our Defense to score 50 points a game like he did we would be pretty good.

He did point out on Twitter what was killing the OSU defense in the first half.

I’d look outside the program. I knew we hired Jim that he’d be good. I didn’t know he’d be that great. When Duke had that great year in football. I really thought that head coach would go to Texas when they were searching. They have had some good coaching personnel. I like the 425 and think we should find someone similar to Jim.

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I agree, someone said something about the Minnesota DC a while back, I wouldn’t mind that, could be similar to Knowles at Duke a coordinator getting more out of less. Could also potentially help recruit the big 10 area.


I believe that was me and people responded like I was out of my mind… Well I may be but that’s a whole different story. I don’t remember if I said it on here or on a podcast or maybe in a twitter gathering. I think Rossi would do great as a DC. He just got a one year extension last spring. They held WVU to 6 so that is a good showing. The 9:15 kick off was bad.

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I just wish Gundy would make a quick decision and then go to the portal and get a good center and a couple of more O lineman.

You’d think the guys inside the program would know Knowles’s system. They came out really poorly against ND. Made great halftime adjustments, though. To be fair, Knowles had games like that as well. If no one inside the program has that kind of acumen, though, then let’s hope for another homerun.

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Knowles seems like the kinda guy that won’t give all his secrets and all his knowledge down to anyone else. Hopefully the defensive staff we have took a lot of notes and paid real close attention. The second half of the game has given me some optimism.