Gundy fire

Look idiot read the post. That remodel was the time johnson was there.

60 million in 2003 is alot of money. And wasnt leach good. Oh yea he couldnt win a division. Not all the money went to the football side.

You keep taking about faculties. The other day a gwas talk about new faculties wont matter now we got nil. Never really did. The players arent in the stadium.

Barry was a 2 star. They had more then the 2 players remember they won 10 games prior to thurman coming. Oh yea i forget all that stuff.
Joy your pathetic

So is 286 million. What’s your point? Or are you just doubling down again?

You do realize Boone gave another 63 million in 2008 for football specifically, right? I’m going to guess you don’t know that.

I guess that’s a failure on Gundy’s part for not taking advantage of it before NIL.:man_shrugging:

I didn’t forget about it, and I’ve never said 2 or 3 star players can’t become really good. How many conference titles or bedlam wins did Pat Jones get with Thurman and Barry? You do realize sometimes you need a collection of really good players to do that, right?

I love Barry and Thurman, but even they would probably tell you they aren’t winning or beating things on that level by themselves. You need to stop doubling down and accept the fact that you just posted misinformation.

Joy get over it the money is gone. Holder would never spend that kind of money on just football.

Stadiums are for fans not players. Only time a player is in the stands is doing stairs.

With the money you believe we put into bps it should be made of gold we could have build a new stadium cheaper. Baylor build theres for 140 8 years later. Yes smaller but 8 years had passed 150 would have done it. No you gave us a paint job that needs to be done again.

Joy you hate all the osu players. You think there idiots for playing for pat and mike. You hate 2 stars that includes malcolm and the :goat:.

I see you have stop give excuses for no division leach.

I guess the poll is done. 1 guy vote before the new poll was done. So 8 to 2. 80%. I see how you say everyone is a gundy hater. Like jeff saying 90% of the team hates gundy. Another place your logic doesnt work. Im sure when riley was still loved at uo he had 20% saying to fire him, because no playoff wins or natty’s.

Just because I think we should be recruiting in the top 25 at a minimum of every other season doesn’t mean I hate two star recruits. It means that I think a program that claims to be a top 25 program should be able to do so.

Gundy said it himself at media days. He hopes that by the time he leaves OSU is a BB or close to it. You don’t get close to that status by having an average recruiting ranking of 34th as a HC. Gundy needs to come to the realization that his coaching is not what’s going to get them there (1-4 in conference title games).

You eventually have to win championships as well (at least some conference titles). We’ve seen what Gundy most often does when a championship is on the line. He plays it safe and hopes they don’t lose instead of playing to win. That’s not what championship caliber coaches do.

So you think every OSU fan or alum votes on PFB? Stop being so simple minded.

Joy just more blah blah blah. If your going to repeat the same chit every time you dnt need to type it. In the last 4 days you wrote to 10 guys saying the same crap.


Top 25 recruits
Win titles.
I do love our players even tho i chit on them. Guys one 0f 52.

I dnt no any one on the site that can recite your mantra.

We all want the same. So be normal and just talk about the program not crying.

Its got to be closer to 80% then 0% you think it is.
Firing gundy is probably 10 or 20% its just how it is. Im sure there is more that get upset about a few things.
Like i siad im sure there were riley haters.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? I’m a guy that would just like to see us playing in more NY6 bowls and winning more conference titles than showing consistency in how we can make the Alamo, Independence, or Cheez-It bowls. If you’re content with that then fine. I’m not though, and not everyone has to think exactly like you do.

I’ll admit I don’t know the exact number. I’m sure there are a fair amount of people who aren’t going to get used to or be content with consistency in finding ways to lose big games more often than not.

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Joy i asked you not to say blah blah blah. Rewording it doesnt change what your saying. More big 6 bowls meant we played in more title games. Same chit.

Your always saying that recruits will come to stillwater if you ask them.

Stanley, johnson and miles were 3 coaches who didnt mind bending the rules. They didnt get us there. But we got probation on 2 and should have with miles.

2 things that stop recruits from coming. The 15 years we never won in the big 8. And the bad year since. 2nd stillwater is not a prime destination for anyone.

I didn’t reword anything, and the fact that you think an NY6 bowl is equivalent to a title (or the same) is not only wrong, but it’s pretty sad. No wonder you get excited about being in just any bowl game.

Joy your an idiot. I said title game. No big 12 team has gone to a big 6 bowl without being the top 2 in the league. So i guess the title game and big6 bowls are equivalent.

Back to what your saying. Which is it go to title or big 6 bowls. How are you going to a big 6 with out a title game.

I cant wait to read the chit your going to come back with. I’ll be able to feel the tears roll down your face. Go on lets see what you come up with that either blah,crying or off topic

Then say conference title game :man_shrugging:.

What am I going to come up with? Well….let’s see……you should probably be more specific next time.

I did say title game its just you being you.