Gundy fire

So im curious if we can do a poll. Not sure if alot of people will read this. Just like the post you favor.

Keep gundy

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Fire gundy

  • Keep Gundy
  • Fire Gundy

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I didnt think alot of people would vote but clealy gundy is loved by all.


Lets see how loyal and true you are.

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When you have people convinced that making any of the 40 bowl games out there is as good as it gets then obviously you’re going to get favorable results. Luckily we still have fans that realize making just any average bowl game was an accomplishment that died about 13 years ago. It’s time for us to step it up some.

I have no idea what you are writing. I was writing about not alot of people will come on to this post. Your the only one that has voted to fire. You keep acting like you know the fans.

Even Gundy said “we need to grow”. Well….we aren’t going to do it without better recruits and better coaching.

Joy go look at other people and their post. They dnot repeat over and over 1 idea. Blah blah blah.

Osu isnt a weed you cut off and it will grow. Your worse then CNN to take things out of context.

No, it was an offense (and offensive line) that was consistently good until Gundy decided to put out the offensive firepower with a fire extinguisher. He needs to stop trying to outsmart people with a nearly 20 year old playbook or hire a real OC for the first time in 10 years.

Joy i keep see you rite the same chit over and over. You are ignoring alot of facts.

One thing is there a major gaps in the offensive side of the ball. For one reason or another.
Be it guys like moore and pullman not panning out.
Anderson not get on the field because of injuries.

I one of the first guys to admit that the hubbard deal did was a good deal. It woke up gundy, he was mailing it in.

Really people have said these last 2 years have been Gundy’s best coaching. Young young players and injuries he has done an amazing job with dunn.

With out have a top position guy in any position last year he took a group of misfit transfer, guys out of position, walkon, a mishap qb and a group of freshman led them to a 12 and 2 record.

You think gundy should just throw a ball out there and let them go. I remember one year briles got into a pissing match with gundy. Turned down fg after fg. They may not have won but they would have scored. Tu coach ( briles asst.) did the same thing. He mite have won if he took a fg here and there.

You just look at the lil picture then piss down your leg.

Meaning they still would’ve lost.

Unfortunately for us we kicked too many field goals in the championship game and it cost us.

No…I look at the big picture here. We have a coach that can’t win championships.

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Joy stop being a jr high brat. Thats your big picture yea.
What ever some one says just reverse it and blah blah.

You know that only reason we all talk to you is to see if you can top your last stupid comment.

Hows the poll to fire gundy going

The only reason you guys talk to me is to try and convince me that a coach that can’t win championships will.

Don’t know and don’t care.

I have never tried to change your mind. I good but, i cant reprogram you on a forum. The cult your in is that a cult.

I just trying to figure put why we oru elite enough to win titles with poor players and coaches. No players should be on watch list, coach cant recruit or evaluate players.

But, your crazy ess thinks we should be winning titles under gundy not like a real coach like Johnson or miles.
How you put it we shouldnt beat kansas

Really? What was it you posted last season when I asked you the question? Oh, it was “Yes!! I believe Gundy can win the Big 12!!!”. You’ve been wrong 10 years in a row.

Why is it so difficult for you to understand? They didn’t have Boone’s donation at the time, and they both didn’t stay here for 18 years.

Einstein siad a lil knowledge is a bad thing.

You do know we remodeled lewis field during the 70’s Johnson started in 79.
You keep going on about boone. At the same time tech pumped millions into there stadium. Why didnt leach win.

Me saying we could win the title isnt telling you what to believe. I was 1 game off you were 5 games off.

Pathetic joy

Really? You’re going to go back 30 years before Gundy and Boone’s donation to try and save face here?

Tech pumped in 51.9 million into their stadium and completed it in 2003. They had planned another 60 million investment and canceled it. That’s all that happened during Leach’s time there.

Gundy, on the other hand, was given a 260 million stadium renovation:

“During the 2003 football season, OSU broke ground on a $260 million upgrade to Boone Pickens Stadium” Boone Pickens Stadium | American Football Database | Fandom

And guess what??? He still can’t win.

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